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Porshe 911 GT3: All Natural and it's all good

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Porshe 911 GT3 

Who said you need enhancements to make it look better, pardon me Pamela Anderson Lee the GT3 flexes its inner natural for the purists at heart, with the same ars$$ kickin it's been doing for years. As they say, if it ain't broke why fix it. Now enough of the comedic strife lets nimble on the details for the GT3 on what makes the racing blue on more special. 

Spec's first you say I say why not nibble on this: 

4.0L N/A 6 Cylinder | 7 Sp. PDK or 6 Speed Manual | Weight: 3,163 LB

0-60: 3.2 Seconds | 1/4 Mile: 11.0 Second est | Top Speed: 199 MPH | 502 HP 346 lb-ft

Nurburing Time: 6:59.92 (17 seconds faster than the previous GT3) 

Being a Peloton away from being under 3,000 lb with all of this new aged equipment is my favorite storyline for this car. Yea I could talk about manual, but to be honest rowing the gears in something this quick would truly hurt your performance or the clutch. The car heavily prefaced the 911 RSR and GT3 Cup car as its basis case. That means screaming to a Crotch Rocket revving 9,000 RPM is possible and all but mandatory as you push through your track limits. The weight savings were eeked out of the Carbon Fibre attack from the front bonnet, forged alloys, lightweight exhausts, and some thinner glass windows make for more in the interest of weight vs horsepower, can you hear me Corvette Z06. If stopping is a worry this thing can beat the last-gen GT3 RS the fronts with rotors of 410 mm Fronts and 390 mm Rears. 

It looks the part at least for a Porshe buyer a bit more aggressive with the hood intakes to optimize airflow, and the twin scope exhausts underneath the winged diffuser to add on to its track killer motives. The staggered wheel set up of 255/20 wheels and 315/21 wheels at the fronts and rear provide even more ammunition to no shortcomings. The back provides the bigger variance, some indentation, cresses, and grooves give you the cool factor but you can tell that it's actually being utilized no faking for the looks with this crowd.


Double Wishbone suspension with Rear Steer,  offer a hint of the cornering G. The diffuser, and manual set wing helps you, Andretti, any course, and the downforce greater than the previous generation GT3 up to 50% in normal street driving with over 150% for track mode (3 modes normal, sport, track) bring the comfortably of a Suede sweater on a 60-degree day at high-speed maneuvering. To make sure that all of the mechanicals can meet the road some Michelin Cup 2 Tires seal the deal for this first release from Porshe. This is a collector and one that Macheene would look at for investment, there are not many cars that are pure and natural at the same time as the latest GT3. A prayer for the Porshe God's, Danke.