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Genesis GV80 - The Korean Bentley Bentayga

Genesis GV80 - The Korean Bentley Bentayga  Copy this and copy that everyone always doubts the Korean Automaker Genesis until now. Last year, 2019 for the Hyundai Motor company has been a series of wins for its Kia Brand, and new Genesis luxury entry nameplates such as Stinger, Telluride, G70 have been in the mouths of Auto journalist everywhere. We now have the step into the realm of where surprises become expectations and the Genesis will now need to hold its own candle and not to the sta...Read More


Ferrari ROMA ... I can see Aston Martin's side eye

Ferrari ROMA ... I can see Aston Martin's side-eye  In the name of 007 what bloody hell is this... this is tyranny the Italians have made away with a British heist and design if this ain't 2020 I don't know what is. I think the Italians are stating this is payback for the naming of the DBS Superleggera, as a Superleggera ... all content motivated laughter we step back at the aforementioned Aston Martin media fans are saying, why you copy me for:  Aston Martin Vantage Example 1 vs ...Read More


Ways to make your house look good Inexpensively - Check This Out !!!!

Ways to make your house look good fast, and Inexpensively - Check This Out !!! For any homeowners looking for a quick way to fix up there house to make it feel good inside and out here is a quick list of things that can be done to make your home feel renewed. It's a tough road being a single-family/or multi-family homeowner you know the yard work, clean up, and fix up's are year-round activities and sometimes one feels that the amount of touch up work is just too much.  Then comes the ...Read More


Range Rover Velar SE R Dynamic - P380 - The SUV that's sexier than an Aston Coupe

Range Rover Velar SE R Dynamic - P380 - The SUV that's sexier than an Aston Coupe  To make peace with oneself there are sometimes compromises that need to be made. Land Rover known as the epitome of old English luxury was at somewhat of a crossroads. Yes, the off-road prowess was amazing, it's checkered reliability making headwinds but a typhoon was needed at this time and a price point of vehicles that were either to be too expensive for its range and or too muscular for a suburbian callin...Read More


Oscar De La Renta - Runway Spring/Summer 2020 - I see colors!!!

Oscar De La Renta - Runway Spring/Summer 2020  - I see colors!!!  Did I mention we love getting information on the designers? Unbenounced to us De La Renta is not really De La Renta his last name happens to be Arístides Renta Fiallo muy intereste. The fashion designer that leads with colors for his illustration of female clothing has released his latest illustration of female seduction to the fashion forum. Take a look at De La Renta'a latest for when its warm or hot a...Read More

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