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More Data for your housing decisions: Florida Continued Upswing

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We are continuing to see an upswing in Florida Housing, the market introduced a few new records across the board (for residential) 

May 2017 Dollar Volume: 9 Billion (How much money people pumped in the market ....folks that's higher than anytime in the past 4 years) 

More money usually means higher prices ...guess what your right there as well new median home sales price (try not to use the average) $239K (up 7% from last year) 

Turn rate - 4 Months (put your house on the market it's gone) .... 3 months tell you it's a healthy market 

Put any price you want for your home 96.4% of the time you will get the listed price

So where is the money spent. what type of home check out the stats below for price range:

Well for the investor it can be good and bad, good if you can find a house and bad because the prices are higher...only to get an on the surface super deal FORECLOSURE'S check the stats below (reminder i said on the surface foreclosures can be just as expensive when repairs come into play (Look for the Greenbar to tell you about foreclosures) 

Hottest Markets in Florida take a wild guess??

It's not Miami, Tampa, or Orlando as they had Wild Climbs last year: Check out the list and enjoy 

#1 for May : Go Golfers Vero Beach, Fl  (For Single family residential) 

Thanks to Realtor.og for the data set.