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Why are home Prices still Rising? FOREIGN INVASION 

So you've been on the sidelines for months and years you've been waiting for some type of relief to see an increase in home values.  Now is the time to jump so they say but your wondering why the prices continue to look an escalator and I am talking about rebuilt sky scrapers. Folks the world is global the output that we have is predicated upon what the scope of international/business brings us to. With that reliance comes peaks and valleys, with some of the those valley's needing a deeper fork to eat in the realestate market. 

So what do we have now 2017 - $153 Billion (49% more than 2016 $102.6 Billion) ...49% surge in home prices by foreigners  and what does that mean to you? Well the surge isn't home grown and you ask where the money is flowing from the same countries that have astronomically high real estate prices, the top offendors 

China....Tell Trump to hold on for the wall wouldn't make sense at this point, you want a number and its very simple unstable economy over building as well as costly prices equated to 31.7 Billlion in realestate sales WOUSERRR 

Canada ...Ohh Canada well if you live in Montreal or Toronto so help me GOD perserve your check. It is damn expensive, I mean New York would have a hard time making sense of how high a 1400 sq ft. home would costs. guess Trump Economics sometoimes works as the confidence levels are high, how high well Canada thought to spend 19.7 Billlion 

Followed in third by the London's is calling, a cultivated look from Brexit has some folks jumping in these land mines.. I wouldn't call it a puritan escape but 9.5 Billion was poured in by our English proper buddies 

Mexico Habla que Habla Mi oh yes where in Mexico and Trump PLEASE DON'T BUILD A WALL they contributed to 9.3 Billion 

Last but not least is our friends from India the IT capital as I called it, they have about 7.8 billion of spending into our  housing bucket. 

So who stands the benefit the most from this overture what states are estatic, hey trump like we said slow the wall down Mari largo has paid off.......Top States 

1. Florida (22%)
2. California (12%)
3. Texas (12%)
4. New Jersey (4%)
5. Arizona (4%) 

So there buying and than selling right oops you'd be wrong again: 

54% US residents but foreigners 
46% Foreign buyers not U.S. residents 

Happy Investing