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Villa Savoy: Where the Modern Home Was built Sounds Spanish but there FRENCH/SWISS??

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Take a look at this photo below:

So when do you think this house was designed????

Take a Peak at another 

So remember when your grand parents said we really haven't come that far and technologically has remained stagnant well they've probably never seen a modern cell phone but if they're still looking at housing they may be right. 

In the 1920's led by a Swedish French duo (Le Corbusier &  Robert Mallet-Stevensn) who wanted to put a new light on the design by introducing Villa Savoye, Villa Noailles, and Villa La Roche Jeanerette, I left out the rest because you would hear the French background but it is actually Le Corbusier Villa Savoye. In a time when everyone was asphyxiated in the clouds of Victorian, cottage, and craftsman style homes the 5 point idea takes shape. What is the Five Point view of architecture see below
  • Pilotis – Replacement of supporting walls by a grid of reinforced concrete columns that bears the structural load is the basis of the new aesthetic.
  • The free designing of the ground plan—the absence of supporting walls—means the house is unrestrained in its internal use.
  • The free design of the façade—separating the exterior of the building from its structural function—sets the façade free from structural constraints.
  • The horizontal window, which cuts the façade along its entire length, lights rooms equally.
  • Roof gardens on a flat roof can serve a domestic purpose while providing essential protection to the concrete roof.[2]
See even though I am taking you to Spain for some of the best renditions of the modern home its important to note that most of this design takes a foot hold from the gem of architecture Le Paris. 

So now as we continue to evolve in the way we drive (we don't drive), the way we talk (we don't talk), one thing will have to be stagnant until they device walking baths, headphones that feed you, and glasses that mimic sleep so you won;t have to do that. There is the spirit of this modern housing, what I call the newest trend that once construction costs are lowered will start to be normal sighting around you..
One of the places I feel has the best mesh of modern and environment due to its luscious green, mixed with high places happens to be Spain. The most modern take on this is a new area is Nueva Andalucia



Property #2 



Property 3


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