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BMW M3/M4 if this is fair well to the Gasoline we're happy ........

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It's been a Week of M3/4 what do we really have??? 

To say this has been the month of the  M4/M3 is an understatement. The lot of mixed reviews including head to head, performance figures, and your normal journalistic impressions has actually been exhausting. Yet throughout all of that we still had to come back and give our two cents. In all the M3/M4 is one of the hallmarks of the BMW Brand industry like Corvette to Chevrolet or 911 to Porshe. The latest M3/M4 Fall into the category of scary yet impactful. BMW wanted to make a statement and for the past month or at least weeks, the release was the most discussed vehicle in the Auto Industry and the most reviewed. We'll go through our findings of the car but let's get through the specs: 

BMW M3/M4 | 3.0L TT | 473 HP | 406 LB TQ | RWD - AWD 

8 Speed Transmisson | Weight: 3850 lb | Price: $71,800

0-60: RWD 4.2 / AWD 3.9 Seconds | 1/4 Mile:  RWD 11.8 / AWD 11.6 est 

Top Speed 155 MPH 


BMW M3/M4 Comp | 3.0L TT | 510 HP | 479 LB TQ | RWD - AWD 

8 Speed Transmission | Weight: 3850 lb | Price $79,500

0-60: RWD 3.8 / AWD 3.4 Seconds | 1/4 Mile:  RWD 11.6 / AWD 11.3 est 

Top Speed 180 MPH Drivers Pack 



Let's get in front of the design talk and be flat-footed to get over the design curve, in all it comes down to the darn color. Depending on what type of wheels you get (DARK) or color (DARK) the M3/M4 can look different in many eyes.  The car gets more aggressive with the strongly appointed front grille, the vents and flares through the side skirts tell a story of a vehicle that is ready to play, Not only because it's new but because I have a preference for the harder edges compared to the AUDI RS5's, BENZ AMG's, rounders as you call it there is nothing more fulfilling that a more squared-off BMW it is the Macho Man in me. Just remember to stick to the dark colors and part with the face comments first. The backside happens to be my favorite part a strong diffuser, that accentuates the 4 Quad Exhausts and the hard moniker continues through the rear haunches with wheel wells that flare outward as a reminder that this is not your normal M Car and I demand respect on the road. 


Dynamics suspension if you've listened to all 100 reviews of the M3/M4 the same expression is made in its drivability makes sense it weighs in at under 4,000 lb can actually fit four, and is actually bigger than the first-gen M5. So what happens underneath the skin that makes this car tick all your boxes for faster than a Porshe GT4 around a track.  These are the areas that stand out to moir. The M differential is a game-changer, gone are the days of traction issues with high horsepower engines so many drives with the rear drive have folks thinking this is an AWD setup. The transfer case in the AWD addition has its own control unit that integrates wheel slip limitation logic, what this allows for is a magic trick in your turn in don't worry about mashing too much of the gas the computers will save you without the help of DSC management. It doesn't hurt you however to have big rubber fronts 275/35 - R19, rears 285/30 - R20. All this technology probably makes the car in certain instances touch upon Porshe 911 levels type of feel. So more specifics to the AWD, it will mostly operate in RWD form by sending most of the power there in a 90/10 split until you need it ..... Long Short and Skinny. 


The 4.4 Liter Twin Turbo V8 is certainly in my heart but to be cut and dry the straight 6 with Turbos may be the best engine in the BMW stable. This car first off is not pushing 510 HP it's near 550 HP at the least just with the 1/4 mile time this makes it conquerable to its bigger brother in real-life situations as transferring the 600 HP in the M5 is not as easy as a punch at the stoplight. My sole point in mentioning this in real-world times is that the M3/M4 may come out on top 20% of the time despite the 10.9-second capability in the M5 Model. What's changed to make this different from the previous generation M3/M4 engine ... 

Six-cylinder in-line engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology, high‑revving character, maximum 375 kW/510 hp and up to 650 Nm (479 lb-ft). Two turbochargers, optimized direct injection, cooling, and oil supply adapted for track use, model-specific exhaust system with electrically operated flaps for emotionally stirring engine soundtrack

Ok, so they essentially boosted the power, but the cooling and oil supply adapted for track use really turns my head upward for the potential of some track use. 


In all the introduction was strong the price point well there is a something to wink at on the downside, despite all this car offers the $71K entry for some M Marmalade maybe two steep to call this the next Gen M3/M4 this is now a midsized luxury sedan but enjoy the oral pleasures while you can we're about to be in the land of the wind tunnel, with some noises that would put Tron Legacy to shame. This is the best sedan you can get out on the market bar none, get it while it last certainly a nice lease option until the Taycan drops 150k in 8 years :-) 


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