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TAMPA BAY, Florida.... Market Correction Say Whaat!!!!

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Florida continues to heat up in some markets interests rates aside this area has the makings of something MANHATTANISSH... The features that make St. Petersburg, Florida special from the local Tampa Bay area are its surrounding.. Water and more water not only that the Tampa area boasts one of the key decision points for your entertainment more bars, thriving economy, a great nightlife, and the chance to grow the family all in one. The amazing part of the area is that it is relatively in inexpensive for a city where the water is so close by.  Let's do the math outside of the mountains in San Diego this place is a near replica with the growing downtown.

What makes up the TPA area there a couple of things to remember the area is huge....The hotties:

South Tampa:
This has been the staple a growing downtown, strong university presence mixed with old money on south howard ave, the place oozes of days yonder it also boasts a great mix of new construction and vintage homes that don't appear to be out of place do to the lush green infrastructure. If you're looking for the busiest, but untourist filtered area make no qualms South Tampa is your region. This is as close to Miami as it gets to Florida but on a much smaller scale. 

Top Attractions: 
- South Howard 
- USF University - Museums etc 
- Tampa Bay Buc's /Tampa Bay Lightning 
- Tampa River Walk 


St. Petersburg: 
Jersey City / Touches of Manhattan - Downtown St. Petersburg in circles by I-375 and I-275 lies a few points of hippie mania. When you see a lot of Hippies it is usually the start of growth for the area, it also helps when you see a dozen cranes building up expensive condos such as THE ONE in downtown Pete. This to me will surpass downtown Tampa as the heart of the party. A more touristy feel with an outlay that includes some of the best restaurants, parking availability in the area it is one to watch. Surrounding areas such as old historic St. Pete, offer housing amenities with a vintage feel. They like to keep it old school but there is a slight infusion of new construction to keep the area stable. If a steady investment is your need, this area has the tools to withstand any storm that may come. The one sticking point could be the move of one of my favourite attractions Tampa Bay Ray's there is a plan to move this over to Ybor City which could change the downtown for the better, Orlando has a similar plan built around entertainment/universities and the development looks promising. 

See Conceptual Plan: 

Top Attractions: 
- St. Pete Riverwalk/Boat Dock 
- Dali Museum 
- Tampa Bay Devil Rays 
- Sunken Gardens
- Palladium Theatre 


Ybor City/Channel Side (Historic District):
Amenities abound this regentrification of an area formally known as a dangerous hotspot for the crime has turned into a beautiful enclave of bars, brick streets, and amenity-filled restaurants. This place feels fun, and a large number of developers are betting on it, alongside with the early folks who are buying in and waiting for the change. Another sure shot, in my opinion, the Tampa Bay area strikes again with another area for you to have fun. Channel side which is like an attached twin with different colored hair plays the role of residential high rises. Very good growth gives hints of this being the residential/condo community in the middle of Tampa where folks will rest there head. If your looking and a future growth seeker check out Ybor City. 

- Centennial Park 
- Latin Quarter 

That's all you need this is a place to lay back in the bar and enjoy the scenery, have fun but watch the parking. 


Clearwater Beach:
My baby love, my baby love... the closest thing you can get to Collins Ave. feel with Miami Clearwater really tries hard but comes odd more as the Midwest Miami and that is not a bad thing for some folks. A little higher up than a surfer beach town this area boasts the works of beach fun for the kids, restaurants, and a day to feel like your completely in a vacation oasis. Clearwater standing as one of the best beaches still stands and the surrounding beaches can give you a bit more of a low key feel in case the crowds are too much. Its backdrop is the beach and its centerpiece is the beach. Some nightlife, the tourist's sprawl to this area the cranes haven't gone completely up but in 20 years I expect Clearwater to be part of the competition pushing Tampa it ready for a boom and has the land to do so. 

- Clearwater Beach 
- Cleveland Street District 
- Indoor Surfing 

Have fun in Tampa Bay