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Diva no Divo - Bugatti Takes the Chiron to the next level - The Bu Divo

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Diva no Divo - Bugatti Takes the Chiron to the next level - The Bu Divo 

A sensation when it was first introduced the Bugatti Veyron broke records for the company in both sales and appeal with all your local famous characters prancing around with the Bugatti as the prized possession of economic wealth. As the years past your famous player has to update and here cometh the new Bu Chiron, an epidemic of a vehicle some say not as much of a presence like the Veyron it replaces but please read in between the lines. When you stick the two next to each other you can truly see the evolution of the Veyron base, the Chiron builds in more lines and aggressiveness, the lines speak to the higher starting price tag the touches around luxury scream of Monaco nights with the glass of wine. The issue is that the sports motif has come in at the forefront of the hourglass of new vehicles. the Chiron was known for one thing a Concorde of the roadways straight line speed is its claim to fame.  Bugatti has a lot of brothers and sisters to pull from the French automaker is underneath the VW umbrella its engine an alternate version of the V12 it uses to produce this time comprising of two VR8 engines to put it subtly think of two new RS7 engines in one car .... uh huh.... now you get it. It's not that simple but you're getting the point of this car, now let's change into its saving grace. How is Bugatti try to remould itself...


The DIVO background comes from the racing king Alberto Divo the famed racer from Paris France also the roots of the Bugatti for those that think this car is Italian. Alberto won his first race at the Spanish Grand Prix at "Sunbeam" he was the famed Bugatti race driver pushing the Type 35C to its speed limits. The record most associated the racing successes where his wins at Targa Florio two of which announced Bugatti was here. What is the point that I am highlighting that Bugatti had a race car, they have some history behind it and the Divo name is one to bring back that Racing Histoire to the modern market where sports variation is needed for all models. 

From the Chiron as the baseline, Bugatti has built-in some more to the tune of 77 lb weight saving through lighter wheels, carbon fibre intercooler cover and a new aggressive aero body kit that puts this cars attention to the race track. Before I continue this will not be massed produced the Bugatti is already sold out, guess why only 40 will be made so car collectors roll out the chequebook. The term used for this racing motif is coachbuilding Jean Bugatti the style king who brought about the design mystique of there vehicles introduced the lightweight body the Divo embodies this coachbuilding memory from years past. 


How does she race the modifications include an all-new designed architecture for the front of the car, additional air inlets for brake cooling a big need from doing 190mph and reaching a chicane. Spoiler prohibiting your top speed not, in this case, NACA air inlet's on the roof help the car glide preventing eddies from forming which is a form of turbulence that could reduce your top speed. In all the front end and the lightweight savings equate into an entirely new vehicle one that reaches 1.6g a top seed that has been added as previously there was no limit to the Chiron the camber change has forced this out of necessity. Sorry to say outside of F1 who is gonna reach 380KM in the Bugatti. The changes issue an alert to the hypercar teams but I doubt that even 1% will put this work of art on the track. Let's pay homage to the Bugatti and its mission in a world that is ever-changing, Bugatti stands its ground as a player that is flexible. 

Price: $4.5 Million 
Top Speed: 380 KM / 236 MPH 
Cornering G - 1.6 
Purpose: Kill you in peace.. enjoy