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Auto-Commerce - The Disrupters!!! Online

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Auto-Commerce - The Disrupters!!! Online 

The definition of sales and sales tactics have been expanded and in some cases redefined. The obvious protagonist to drive this behavior has been the internet. Now we have a world that is virtually accessible anywhere making the commerce process a bit different if your an 80's baby you more than likely you have touched on both sides experiencing the door to door or the online marketing that bombards trash e-mails and firewalls all over the world.

Let's touch the Automotive marketplace dealerships and salesman have been a mainstay in my mind since the beginning of time. The lower price cars have the loud salesman pitching the something with 99$ in the T.V. infomercials or some stuffed animal wobbling a sign "ONLY LOW CREDIT ACCEPTED" and the moment on entrance into a dealership a swath of how are you doing let's buy salesman entering the room. See those are some of the more unwanted but has garnered benefits behavior that Tesla wasn't trying to emulate. 

Here are some of the disruptors to the game that are changing the modo from less pushy more informative sales pitch through your phone, PC, or Tablet:

Joy Drive

  • Full Sale available online 
  • Trade in & Financing available in minutes (Appraisal Online) 
  • 1 Day Delivery / 5 Day Return Policy 


  • Full Sale available online / 24 hours a day 
  • Financing available in minutes (Carvana plays the bank or the broker)  
  • 100-day warranty for the vehicle 
  • Trade in & Financing available in minutes (Appraisal Online) 
  • 24 hour Service 


  • Full Sale available online 
  • Trade in & Financing available in minutes with a 10 a day Grace period for a decision point (Appraisal Online) 
  • 90-day warranty for the vehicle 

Macheene: Is an online advertiser that allows you to review and post your vehicle for sale the transaction and financing will have to come from alternate sources at this time but we are reviewing these models and working with dealerships across the world on implementation in the future. Let us know your thoughts on these models to see if we need to execute this plan and if your planning to buy let us know your experience. As Vroom says is it really as easy delivery a Pizza. 

On top of these online sales tools, you also have Car Manufacturers switching up the digital game but adding car delivery services, almost like an uber when needed 

- Cadillac 
- Audi 

It's fun times very soon two clicks will take you to a fully purchased Lamborghini enjoy and check it out