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Suprise: Ford Explorer 2020 the standard has risen

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Suprise: Ford Explorer 2020 the standard has risen 

When you talk about the standard family size in the USA there are a couple of things that come mind for me that objectify the 3.17 people in 2017 that make up the average numbers of members included in what they call the household. This number is way down from the early sixties of 3.7 people per household. All that said you know you are not going to be able to fit 3 people on a motorcycle nor are you going to fit the same out of people in a SMART Car so here goes the family debate on what do you buy. You got one of two options from this and its either you sit high or you sit low. In America will forget the sentence look at the caption below: 

Ford has recently released that they were no longer going to build sedans as a part of there forward plan. Embracing the new execution Ford will rely on there strong CUV/SUV sales to manage to garner their profit margins so back to the suburbs and sitting high, Fords latest release after this trivial announcement is the Explorer. I don't know what the relationship is with Land Rover/Jaguar when the two companies use to share design secrets but I can tell you the sexy British design has boiled itself over through most of the product line and if you changed the name and improved the interior this could easily be a new Land Rover Product. The caveat for Ford that this is the bread and butter as Camry is Toyota, and Accord to Honda you have a car that Ford cannot mess up. 


Top 5 that you need to know: 
  • Active Park Assist 2.0 (The car parks itself) 
  • 3.0 TT V6 Ecoboost engine / 10 Speed Transmission 
  • Brand New Design/New Front Fascia and Sculpted back end 
  • Off-Road Capabilities (HELLO...you can go off-road without breaking clapping hands)  
  • All New Interior Volvish/Brand new Infotainment 12.4-inch screen

Engine Specs: 365 HP / 380 LB TQ 
Trans: 10 Speed 
Tow: 5600 lb