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Finally it has happen to me: FORD SHELBY GT500 - 700HP or nothing!!!

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Finally, it has happened to me: FORD SHELBY GT500 - 700HP or nothing!!!

Finally, a breath of fresh air for car enthusiast no SUV's, or CUV'S, or Sedans it's a powerful V8 that is meant to cause immediate pain to your eardrums in a good way. Quick question for Ford why isn't this engine inside the half a million dollar GT...I know space constraints but Lord this is as hard a battle as the Viper vs the Hellcat when it was first released. A history that dates back to the beginning of the Muscle Car the Carroll Shelby name is honored with this beast. This doesn't need to be a long article because the car does itself justice let's get to the things you need to know: 

  • 5.2L V8 Cross plane engine with 2.65 Eaton Supercharger / 700+ HP - 650+ LB TQ

  • 7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission 

  • Specially made Michelin Pilot Sports Tires 305's Fronts / 315 Backs 

  • 50% Greater cooling, revised springs, strut bars, and dampers 

  • 0-60 Mid 3 Seconds / 1/4 mile 11 seconds and under (ZR1 problems) 

That's enough check the photo's, 1967 Shelby is surely honored with this one: