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Badgley & Mischka - 2019 New York Fashion Week

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With a history of luxury and elegance, Badgley Mischka strikes again with an ensemble that would make Queen Elizabeth shy to come out. Check out this latest collection from B&M. 

History of B&M: 

if you saw the birthplaces of some of these gentlemen you would've thought South of France or Milan, but not even God could've dreameth that two of the most classical designers of high-end fashion had the birthplace of Burlington, Wisconsin (Mischka) and Saint Louis, Illinois (Badgley). The kings of making queens look good with the Drape they specialize in one zip clothing stick it on one zip and your good to go to the Grammies. It makes sense the background of the duo includes Bridal wear and evening wear as a specialty. Their break came in 1991 when Vogue when hunting for the perfect "little black dress" and the young Americans came to mind as the winners. Enjoy the lineage and the strong background of B & M made in Illinois and Wisconsin :-) .. 

New York Fashion Week 2019 Collection - February