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2019 BMW X7 - Finally a big boy competitor

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2019 BMW X7 - Finally a big boy competitor 

So BMW has to admit they have not really filled all the voids from a product line perspective when it comes to SUV's/CUV's, the other two fearless family members in Germany Audi and Mercedes Benz have done the opposite. Through the years Audi has boasted there SUV family tree to the following: Q3, Q5, Q7, and Q8 ....while Benz the true elephant in the room has brought to the table GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS, and G Class as I feel these are the leaders of the luxury SUV Segment BMW only really has 3 products to market the X1, X3, and X5. The big boys of the room for Audi and Benz are the Q7 and the GLS while BMW for years has not brought a competitor to the table. It surprises me that BMW hasn't tried to capitalize on some of its former partnerships with Range Rover ultimately a brand that an SUV powerhouse and could fill all the voids that they have the SUV realm and also help them with technology and outdated (THOUGH LOVED) SuperCharged engine choices. Either way, BMW has finally come up with a body underpinning that can be used under multiple product and brands underneath there leadership, look up the Rolls Royce Culligan and you will see what the X7 could be if fully spec'd. 


The key focus of a larger SUV is utility and the ability to seat 3 rows of people comfortably, the larger size of the X7 ignites the spread your legs out and enjoy this 500 mile trip to a town of your choice preference. The X7 leaves no row out as I call it, a standard panoramic 3-panel roof pane starts out the conversation, the large body reminiscent of the Cadillac Escalade the vehicle exudes presence. The purpose and intent is clear to create a vehicle that is meant to be big, scream BMW is in the building, and families now have an option other than a minivan. 


How BMW will attempt to separate itself from the Clan will be quite simple, they come to the table known for the same moves that have brought them to the forefront of the car world, Mercedez top notch luxury, BMW Sport Luxury the formula has garnered them to be the goto for a middle-upper-class neighborhood around you. Can this car still meet the intent let me put it simply by the specs and the X5 high-performance abilities this should take the cake? Let's get the why's out of the way 


Top 5 Things 
  • Double Wishbone Front Suspension and 5 link rear suspension 
  • Dynamic Damper Control System (2 axle air suspension) 
  • M Sport Brakes and M Sport Rear Differential / Optional Rear Locking differential 
  • Active Rear wheel steer / 7500 lb of towing with BMW tow 
  • 456 hp / 479 lb ft - 0-60: 5.2 Seconds - New 4.4L V8 Hot V - 8 Speed Steptronic Transmission 
Let's take a peek at the shortlist of competitors:
  1. Range Rover 
  2. Mercedes Benz GLS 
  3. Audi Q7 
  4. Lexus LX470 
  5. Cadillac Escalade 
Great looks, and an introductory price of $73K for the 6 cylinder which still pushes the big X7 to 0-60 in 5.8 Seconds all play a role to why top end Luxury SUV makers better are wary.