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Jaguar XE - Less Roar but more Stealth - 2020

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Jaguar XE - Less Roar but more Stealth - 2020 

Jaguar has been on a rough run lately when it comes to its luxury sedans, tough competition along with new opportunities with its successful SUV launches of the F-Pace has the focus of Jaguar more towards its electric division and SUV line up. To date the cars haven't really been receiving any attention matter fact the XJ line though to me still one of the more luxurious vehicles in the luxury segment still hasn't had a new model come to market as of 2011. Holding the throne as having the latest design language from Jaguar is the XF and XE line who quite frankly are ok vehicles that are playing in a market where brand equity and perfection is needed to put a dent in the market. The successes of the XF where the evolutionary shapes that they took, sporty dynamics that at that time only Cadillac could match but plagued with the same Cadillac issues lackluster interior with engine choices that couldn't bite hard enough to tap the German ear. 

So we come to a point where sedans are now becoming a prehistoric segment and the output of all focus is electrification and SUV if you have any, luckily Jag jumped in that market at the right time. Let's look at the 5 points that keep this car in the game, and why you have an alternate choice to BMW, Benz, and Audi 

Top 5 Points: 
  • New Full Efficient Engine line up all 2.0L 4 Cylinder Petrol or Diesel Engines 
  • New Touch Pro Infotainment System - Clearsight Interior Rearview mirror 
  • Front Fascia and Rear Taillights with all LED's 
  • AWD offered paired with the top of the line 300 PS R Dynamic (Petrol) 0-60: 5.4 Seconds 
  • New Diesel D180 can deliver up to 57.6 mpg