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If some reflect on Cape Town South Africa a couple of things come to mind that stick in the heads of some of the older generations reflections of apartheid and the Mandela regime there is another predecessor in another light that I want to highlight as the beginnings or the written beginnings of its rich culture was formed which leads into some of the top properties designs as linked by the World Design Capital of the world by the Societies of Industrial Design. 

There is no written record of any exploration of the area until 1497 when Bartolomeu Dias a Portuguese conquistador laid his eyes on the barren landscape which the original claim to fame was a new opening route for trade ships moving through Asia (mainly India). The route opened all of Europe to the Southern tip of Africa, the localized group called the Khoikhoi made their business of meat herding as the primary facilitator to ship goers for products not indigenous to the area. Be advised the area was not populated so when Dutch explorer Jan Van Riebeeck came under a mandate to further expand the area the need for labor was needed, as there were not enough localized help the support had to be exported from areas such as Indonesia and Madagascar in 1652. The continued multicultural race than imposed a vast amount of crops to the area including grapes, cereals, ground nuts, apples, and citrus which overtime had a lasting influence on the landscape of the area. Through European wars, the land was eventually captured by the Brits who defeated the local Boers (Dutch Afrikaners), and in 1867 a game changer hit the area that would change it for the foreseeable future called Gold & Diamond this further culminated a deeper flood of more immigration to the area. 

The Geographic area sits in what some call the City Bowl engulfed by mountains the area is truly has a Black Panther Wakanda affect.  The Mountain affect aids the area in 2 paths the first average temperature range from 61  to 79  degrees Fahrenheit. The only hot season comes as an effect of the Berg Wind (Mountain Wind), and the breath good air season comes from the Cape Doctor were strong air pushes the pollution away. 

So this became a history lesson but that brings me to the owe formidable real estate, which birth came about from a multicultural background, and rich industry in Gold and Diamond. Let's take a look at some of the top designs from the local producer who is taking the minds of Macheene at Saota.... 

How can I coast be more lovely take a look at these models from the City Bowl of South Africa: 

HEAD 1815











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