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Aston Martin is mad at Mclaren - Find out Why ... Valkyrie, Vanquish, Lagonda

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Aston Martin is mad at Mclaren - Find out Why ... Valkyrie, Vanquish, Lagonda 

At this year's Geneva Auto Show Aston Martin has struck a new chord one that is shedding a bit of its GT image and flanking itself into the Hyper Car Arena, and how about an SUV to cause more damage and fund all of this low 200 mph aspiration. Aston Martin has launched a few more hallmarks to continue the legend, the first as part of its Launch 7 new models in 7-year vision started with the DB11 and since than, a Vantage Sports coupe, and Ultra Supreme GT DBS Superleggera are to launch. This is the future of its vision and it is one to truly anticipate, the hypercars will fill the slots of specialty models but the Lagonda all-electric sedan and truck will incorporate the core or financial building blocks to compete against the likes of hypercar makers Mclaren, Ferrari, Benz, Porshe, and Lamborghini. 

Let's take a look at some of the new players with the minor details that we know if any: 

Valkyrie - Specialty low volume model - Mid Engined Series 


- Purpose F1 Supercar 
- Naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 alone delivers 1,000bhp @ 10,500rpm and 740Nm @ 7000rpm
- Battery-electric system by Rimac and Integral Powertrain Ltd. delivers additional 160bhp and 280Nm

AM-RB 003 - Specialty low volume model -Mid Engined Series 


- Hybrid turbo V6 engine

Vanquish Vision Concept - Specialty Low Volume - Mid Engine Series 



- New V6 Engine 

Lagonda - SUV