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Jesko..Sounds like a new Batman Villain .. IT IS KOENIGSEGG

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Jesko...Sounds like a new Batman Villain .. IT IS KOENIGSEGG 

The 1,000 HP barrier not many take us there in the automotive market and to get there you probably have to make a lot of modifications. The arena for the vehicles that make this power in a light vehicle is small and there is an obvious reason why you probably need a Pilots license to truly be able to drive these vehicles. The carmaker that constantly pushes the boundaries of physics and is attempting to make all cars faster than the French TGV Train from Paris to Bourdais is the Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg. Yes, we have talked about the mastermind before some of the innovations that he has uncovered through the development of the Qamfree engine (no more camshaft timing issues), Autoskin (Robotized Hydraulic technology with absolutely no penalty) this is to name a few of the accomplishments. 

Let's name the competition:  
  • Bugatti Chiron 
  • Mercedes-AMG Project One
  • Hennessey Venom F5 
  • Koenigsegg Agera RS
  • Koenigsegg Regera
  • More and more Koenigsegg 
So as you can see this car is competing against itself but the cars above are known as mostly straight line monsters. The only track car with GT pretentions above happens to be the Agera RS, well the Jesko happens to come in as the replacement for the Agera RS. This car is all about weight savings and the things they did well let's go into 

9 Speed LST Transmission

Jesko Top 5 Things that matter: 
  • 5.0L TT V8 - 1280 HP on Gas - 1000 NM Torque/ 1600 HP Bio Fuel E85 - 1500 NM Torque / 1:1 Power to weight ratio 
  • 9 Speed Light Speed Transmission 
  • Active Rear Wheel Steering 
  • Carbon Fiber Chassis / Lightest Crankshaft / 540 g Connecting Rods / 290 Grams Pistons / 189 Kg engine weight
  • Triplex dampers front and rear / Double Wishbone / Adjustable Ride Height