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Mercedes Benz AMG GT 63 S - 4MATIC - Thanos Returns with more Rings

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Mercedes Benz AMG GT 63 S - 4MATIC - Thanos Returns with more Rings 

Mercedes Benz has a bit of a habit of confusing things with the obvious goal of continuing to progress the brand as well as make new genres have been a game of the market leader but no one surpasses Porshe with the nomenclature game, just look up the 911 for reference... So before this year, this model was called the CLS AMG 63, nowadays they have changed the nomenclature but there is a more than just a name change for the big brother, I call it the CLS with Steriods and a new sleeve tattoo... The new AMG GT 63 S is the dreams of bad boys across the world while still appealing to the Executive "Davos" attendees. When Benz adds the "S" moniker which can mean Special vehicle or sporty vehicle it is the top of the food chain the only thing that will get more Sporty is an "R" (Racing) model which will not give you the balance of love and play like an "S" model. 


So here are at the foothill of battle what changes make this special, and what can the competitors say about this. Well at this time with not much cooking in this price range but the Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid, the sticker shock may be the biggest gate to the vehicle, the starting price for admission is $185K, the Matte Blue that I reviewed that would give the Gulf Waters a run for its money is optioned at $201K. Is it worth that much well there three areas that make this one of the highest priced Benz model to date, but when you look at the Performance Specs, The Special Detail, and Competitor Lap Times you'll understand why this car is striking way above its weight and is a bargain let's talk the basics. 



HP: 631 HP / 664 LB TQ
 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 (Hot Vee)  
Transmission: 9 Speed MCT (Wet Clutch) 
0-60: 3.2 seconds - 1/4 Mile: 11.2 - 11.3
Top Speed: 197 MPH 
Nurburing Time: 7:25.41 (I leave it to .40 because of the millisecond count) 


The details that matter: 

  • Active Electronic Differential helps you get out of the corners like Andretti  
  • New Interior cockpit appeal matching the AMG GT /12.3-inch color 
  • Active Engine Mounts - Seamlessly transitioning rigidity and smooth driving into one optimizing handling
  • 40 + HP  / 70 + LB TQ 
  • Race Drive Programming in the MCT 9 Speed optimized for aggressive driving 
  • AMG Rear Axle steering 


Competition well, it is pretty tough in these times because the M8 Gran Coupe is not released and the Porshe Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid has not hit the Nurburgring and don't think it will fair better than it's twin without 2 inches in height the Turbo S due to its high weight mass with batteries. So Beemer and Audi Fans hold your breath as I can only compare what is available let's see how it matches up with the competition: 

 The Winner is: 


Nurburing Times - So it has the stat's, the details that separate it from the CLS and put it in a higher category what else is missing. One thing that none of the competition expected, well they didn't expect it from Porshe either but how can a sedan beat the following look at the shortlist 

This car is available and Bill Ashe (bashe@lokeyautos.com) at Lokey Motors in Clearwater can help you get it, instead of dreaming away an opportunity to own this special beast which won't be as prominent as the AMG - GT take a peak now, check out the video: 


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