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Porsche Cayenne Coupe - Time to sleek it up

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Porshe Cayenne Coupe - Time to sleek it up 

When they say times are a changing they really mean it for the better or worse if you didn't know this yet Porshe is now a mainstream luxury brand and it's competitors are BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volvo, Lexus, and for the love of USA Cadillac (Don't say I don't support you!!).  If your competitors are no longer Ferrari and Lambo well than you need to keep up with the luxury models ever-changing badging, design, and soon enough price point. Yes Porshe is more profitable but they have entered a here today gone tomorrow ball game where updates need to be frequent and one slip of a design well look at Lexus Sedan sales from 1999 vs 2018.....(down down down) 


So the Cayenne comes in, the 1st SUV to start the sporty SUV trend and it's competitors are quite small when you look at the offerings of Coupe and Truck. The only real competitors are the following 

BMW X6 (Reason BMW X5) 
Benz GLE (Reason GLE Coupe) 

So if the point of entry only has 2 competitors this is a "why not" moment for Porshe and they have seized their opportunity. Let me add a few things in my opinion when you have to spec. the right trim to make your car look good you have an "Ok Player" in the case of Benz GLE from my perspective this Coupe leads the design pack. What usually changes with a Coupe is you lose storage and convenience for a bit more sleek and sexy sometimes performance. Let's take a look at the 1st iteration of the Porshe Cayenne Coupe


Top 5 Things to know about: 
- Roof Spoiler and Adaptive Rear Spoiler (56 mph more downforce) 
- 3.0 TT V6 335 HP/332 LB TQ - 4.0 TT V8 541 HP / 567 LB TQ 
- Updgraded Standard Equipment including PASM (active suspension) 
- 0-60: 3.7 Sec / 177 MPH in Turbo Trim 
- More rear headroom than Normal Cayenne 

MSRP: $75K / $130K Turbo