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Long Term Saving - 15 Years at a time: Home Loans

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Long Term Saving - 15 Years at a time: Home Loans 

The funny fact all this information we post on the cars, fashion, and most importantly the real estate (Remember to have your house in order before you go out and buy the world) have to be paid in some form with either a nest egg, lottery, hard work, or investments. So in order for you to buy a product or post a product/grow your business one has to make some wise decisions. In an effort to make new waves in helping your pockets we fall into the year 2019 were we hear a lot of confusion on the forward path of the Real estate (RE) market whether it be buying or selling the all-important question is it now or never. What if both options of buying and or selling seem to be a big question mark? Well, the house shouldn't be an asset of pulling money from however there are options of changing your finance conditions that will make sense to your pockets... 

Check out the details below on the cost model and how refinancing to a 15-year mortgage from a 30-year mortgage if your financial conditions are aligned makes a whole lot of sense literally cents: 

Things to consider before dovetailing into a 15-year mortgage
  • The monthly mortgage payment is considerably higher / but the interest rates are lower 
  • You have less money for other investments 
  • Need much more money in the bank for your reserves 
  • Quicker turn around in losing the mortgage deduction 
  • More money monthly also less house you can afford 
So some may so no to this option, but typically because of the long term interests span that you have on a 30-year loan we can take a look at this $200K example for reference of what you will come out with. Let me give you number so you can just squeeze through the details almost $100K saved over the 15-year span. So in a market where things are too high or unaffordable and you wish to garner some cash from your property may be a refinance option is the way. I am posting this because mortgage rates are near record lows. 

Details below (Gratitudes to Nerd Wallets calculator)