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BMW M5 Competition package Does 17 More HP mean something?....It certainly does

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BMW M5 Competition Package

Don't get all caught up in the Horsepower Wars just because there isn't a 100 more HP and 80 LB TQ doesn't mean you don't get what you paid for. In this case the Alpha Omeg of the super sedans the M5 raises the bar some more with suspension treatments that should do the trick for anyone looking to be a track star.  The M5 is already enough for your average Joseph but now things such as a standard Carbon Fiber Roof and Light Weight Alloy wheels depict there trying to squeeze all the water they can from the cactus. 



So quick question why does the "Competition" package exist the same reason the GT version of Porshe exists through the years the customer has started to want more sport speed but less sporty ride this change over to cushiness forced manufacturers to create something for the purists and charge more money. Along with satisfying purists behind the scenes, I suspect it allows manufacturers to put out an update that usually at the time of release will one-up its direct competition and also charge more money. Did I mention more money well the addition of the competition as mentioned just doesn't empty your wallet more for a mere $10K over the standard price of $99K. Here are the 5 things that stand out some of which will be on repeat:

  • Standard Blacked out package/New Carbon Fiber Roof standard/17 in alloy wheel 
  • Rubber Bushing / 10% Stiffer springs/Sits 7mm lower / Tire size 275-35 .. 285-35 
  • 17+HP ( I bet there is really an extra 30-40 HP and LB TQ) / Top Speed 189 MPH 
  • Merino Leather Interior 
  • .98G up to 1.00G Lateral G - The extra push you need riding the lines at the Nurburing 


Engine: 4.4 Hot Vee V8 Twin Turbo 
HP / LB TQ: 617 HP / 553 LB 
Transmission: 8 Speed 
0-60: Under 3.1 Seconds 
1/4 Mile: 10.8 - 11/1 - 124 to 126 
Top Speed: 189 MPH 

Competition: Benz E63 AMG S / Cadillac CTS V - Audi hasn't put a car out in years wher are you????? / Sorry Lexus no 400 HP car can cut in this market