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Millennial, Millennial's where "Art Thou" in this housing market??

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Baby Boomers this, Generation X that, those guys where the past and are downsizing but some folks are finally reaching the buying age. In a climate where uncertainty is king, there seems to be a common theme amongst those living in the big city markets, it's too expensive to afford so where is the next generation of buyers to go well certainly not try to buy in Downtown LA, California or a high rise in Manhattan, New York. When these prices continue to gauge the eyes buyers look to the path less chosen in creating their own markets sadly enough some of these towns become the LA and Manhattan of tomorrow because of after all more working age folks in an area means more you can catch them reaching there prime in wealth. Today we get a new report on where they can afford to flock to, it's quite an eye-opener on the number of places one has to go to afford a nice lifestyle. Instead of writing on my own words lets take it from the source, the NAR association who just put out this press briefing: 

Where Do They Go?