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Some Fashion is Timeless - PORTS 1961 - London

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Some Fashion is Timeless - PORTS 1961 - London 

When you make the designs for the moment it's a breath of fresh air, but when your designs focus on living out through eternity that's when Natasa Cagalj comes in Creative Director from Ports 1961. The nameplate started with a young entrepreneur by the name of Luke Tanabe who had a worldly vision for the brand, the breadth of the fabric was silk from Japan. The brand wasn't focused on any sex at that time more so Quality and timelessness but Tanabe's vision of the world clothing line which started to make strides in the early 1960s transformed the brand to a name of Ports International.  The brand half a century later was renamed to reflect the inflection of its expansion in the early 1960s to be known as Ports 1961. 

Take a look at the collection for 2019 for your fall/winter affairs: 














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