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It's Fashion Week, and Cars abound but let's get to our Core Housing Data from July!!

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It's Fashion Week, and Cars abound but let's get to our Core Housing Data from July!! 

Remember there is always about a month lag in the data, for instance, this data was released in late August, and it's for July but the data gives us a flash hint of where we are at and what could come unless we see some changes to the highly productive but yet at it's peak in the economic cycle. There are several principles that go into the data, job numbers, interest rates, and wage inflation are some of the items that I like to keep a focus on and it's an indicator of health. Though we love to look at the Macro picture this happens to be a market split into many territories where there are some winners and some losers so play close attention to your local, I am talking about by the MILE so attentive is not just a relative word.  Let's look at some of the data specifics and I no economist but a picture sometimes can tell you 50% of someone words say .... 

For 2 months prior to July the sales data reflected Gains, is this a cooling-off check out the data: 

Sales Data 

-2.5 Decline in sales

Let's dig in the guts and understand what area's specifically are facing the largest decrease in sales... 

Mid-west holds the crown they also faced the most job loses due to the Auto Recession 

Now let's take a look at the housing pricing trend from 2010 - 2018 (Case Shiller Data) 

Housing compared to the dollars per hour wage .... the tiny blue line is the national wages:

Housing Prices 2012: $134k Average price 
Wages 2012: $23 an hour 

Housing Prices 2019: $210K Average Price 
Wages 2019: $27 an hour 

Total Employed by Month 

In all this is good data to tell us where we are at, at 1st glance but we have a come a long way from 2009 recession levels, are the #'s reflecting a cooling-off until wages catch up with prices or the reverse, prices decrease to meet wages. We shall see.. hold steady for the ride ???