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Audi RS7 Sports Back - The Benz AMG GT 63 S 4 Door has competition !!!

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Audi RS7 Sports Back - The Benz AMG GT 63 S 4 Door has competition !!!

So it is released the most powerful variant of a 4 door hatchback/4 door Coupe released from Audi the RS7. This unveiling comes on the back of the RS6 Wagon release, I guess striking while the iron is hot has more meaning at the timing of this release. First glance, first look at this thing is this car is menacing, though I prefer a nice looking wagon there is no doubt the RS7 was meant to show itself differently which means totally aggressively. Wider and with the addition of all the muscle lines and splitter changes for a sports variant, one look at the front fascia it's  no wonder that this car is special....when you release in Red you mean business: 


This car is boasting the same engine as the RS6 a 4.0 TT V8 but the fun begins that it's boosted with 10 more HP for a total offering of 600 HP and 590 LB TQ. No matter which way you look the car speaks of a sporty intention. Let's make no mistake with all the 4 door coupes and super wagons they are meant to compromise between the sportiness of Audi R8 and the utility of an Audi Q7 SUV.  The addition that makes this engine refinement a bit special is the inclusion of a Mild Hybrid System (MHEV) with a 48 Volt electrical system mainly helping the fuel economy, included with the cylinder on demand activation help the RS7 mean EPA standards across North America, that means potentially no guzzler tax. You have customization of the engine sound at all levels, an optional Black Tailpipe Trim edition will be something of a crackle bird as you downshift through the 8 Speed Tip Tronic Transmission through the biggest exhaust Pipes ever mounted to an Audi. Speaking of which if holding power is your main goal the 590 lb tq is available at a low 2,050 RPM through 4,500 RPM that means the R8 will have a run for it's money through the 1/4 mile.  Let's break down the stats: 

Engine: 4.0 TT V8 - AWD 
Transmission: 8 Speed tip tronic 
0-60 mph: 3.6 Seconds 
Top Speed with Dynamic Package: 189.5 mph 


The power is split in a 40:60 ratio through one mechanical center differential. The car's brain can split up to 70% to the front wheels and 85% to the rear. If you wanted the nice smooth Audi you need to to the.... well don't have to go anywhere this car also has the RS Adaptive Air Suspension that sits the car lower by 0.8 inch compared to an A7 at over 74 mph it will drop down even further (.4 in) with the spoiler opening up for stability. For all you track monsters, the DRC Dynamic Ride Control has the fixed sports suspension with 3 levels for your track gleaning weekends with the family. Tight corners in the supermarket no sweat the car is equipped with the Dynamic All-Wheel Steering, turning the rears 2 degrees depending on your lane keeping need. 21-inch cast-aluminum wheels as standard with 275's/35 for all 4 wheels need a little more oomph Audi offers RS wheels with 285/30 across the board. 


Tech-wise same old, always advanced and perfect in the middle Audi. Matter fact I'll say it the best interior for the midsize Luxo sedans to date. This has the new MMI Touch Response Display, through the eyes of Audi Virtual Cockpit you can control most of the features through the tip of your hands or the Flat Bottom steering column functional display mounted controls. Advance changes for the sportiness in this vehicle add information such as Tire pressure, Torque, Oil Temps, Boost Pressure, Lap Times, Acceleration and G-Forces. Safety 1st Audi also offers the latest adaptive cruise, with 360 Degree cameras, intersection assist and the rest of help the driver features that are available in most cars today.  We have to thank Audi for not letting the well run dry the Audi is released while the Iron is hot instead of the well laying dry. Pay attention BMW, Mercedes, and Cadillac you were so close to being there come on back to the ball game.