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BMW X5M/X6M Released - Does the Jeep Trackhawk have to worry??

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BMW X5M/X6M Released - Does Jeep Track hawk have to worry??

Decisions, decisions, this year has been the war of the up high SUV's and to the forefront of the battle for reining champ if you watch Automotive videos such as Car Wow is the Lamborghini Urus, and for Luxo-heads the Bentley Bentyaga for gas-powered engines. Not far behind but $100-150K less is the Jeep Trackhawk, GLC AMG 4 Door, plus newcomers the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and Jaguar F-Pace SVR. These are no way direct competitors but they all boast the awesomeness of having powerful 500 hp plus engines bending the imagination SUV speed pushing 0-60 in under 4.0 Seconds with 1/4 miles in the mid 11s to mid 12s. The BMW X5M was one of the first to be part of the Sport SUV club before the well-acclaimed Porshe Cayenne Turbo S, and even in its old age as the previous design was more of a facelift with some extra gears to the transmission comes the release of it's latest jackknife to the speed up high competition. 


Keeping the title in mind the BMW X5M's direct competitor are the Cayenne Turbo S, Trackhawk, and what I call more of a fashion statement than performance competitor the Range Rover SVR. Slim pickings as the GLE AMG with the V8 hasn't been released but the bats are thick let's start with my champion 

Jeep Trackhawk - 707 HP / 645 lb-ft - V8 Sup. - 0-60: 3.5 seconds Top Speed: 174 MPH limited - Weight: 5,363 lb 

BMW X5M Comp - 625 HP / 553 lb-ft - V8 TT - 0-60: 3.8 seconds Top Speed: 177 MPH limited - Weight: 5,059 lb

The key figure is highlighted above with the known understatement heavy BMW group I am sure that the 3.8 Seconds time will be in the 3.3 to the 3.4-second range to 60 mph. What has changed since we are normally performance 1st is the design of this X5. It sits on an all-new chassis with a brand new exterior design this is no longer a new skirt on the same body. Let's get into the details of this new lighter weight chassis. 

The new suspension is meant to have a few tricks that are normally not called out in a BMW in its purpose to play two roles one of an incredible off-road experience as well as the on-road prowess that has a lot of folks tracking there old X5M's across a track near you. The design arm of GmBH handled the detail to kick-off we start with a much stiffer mounting setting from the standard X5M with a double-wishbone suspension, with a bespoke shear panel fitted to the front axle to help deliver precision handling. There is also the 5 link rear axle fitted to increase the rigidity of the chassis again the stiffer the more dynamic the car can get. A new specific M Servo for the variable steering ratio allows for the computer to listen to your every beck and call for a corner and make the moves when you need them. All these are exciting developments for a BMW that in the past was called a dull duck that had lost its wings as being the leader in the handling department. BMW holds no punches back hear claiming this car will be the best handling SUV in its segment, by the above we agree. 


The car will be offered with Launch Control when you have the well awarded 4.4L TT V8 you'll need it even with all-wheel drive. This car doesn't offer the differential that can switch the power only to the rears or to all 4 wheels like the M5 and tactically when you think of SUV you don't necessarily think of sliding around except when it comes to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. To help with the movement there is an 8 Speed Tip Tronic Tranny meant for quick shifts, peak torque available in the 1800 rpm range which means press the pedal and go. The new turbo's in the V bank remove a lot of the lag and make for a more purposeful natural experience. 


The interior a total redesign boasting a 12.3 inch Fully Digital screen and virtual cockpit with performance information so you know of your true performance. The cabin is a huge upgrade one meant to show a coming of age into a more luxury-focused BMW stepping on the toes of its stepbrother Mercedes Benz as they also try to move to more sporty driving dynamics.  To assist with all fo the measures the safety features abound including lane assistance, departure warning, active cruise mated to breaks that seem to be bigger than the tires. We all know BMW's like to hit above their weight will have to wait until these reach the US shores for a full review of its capabilities to make this writing become real.