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Ways to make your house look good Inexpensively - Check This Out !!!!

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Ways to make your house look good fast, and Inexpensively - Check This Out !!!

For any homeowners looking for a quick way to fix up there house to make it feel good inside and out here is a quick list of things that can be done to make your home feel renewed. It's a tough road being a single-family/or multi-family homeowner you know the yard work, clean up, and fix up's are year-round activities and sometimes one feels that the amount of touch up work is just too much.  Then comes the discussion with yourself or partner do we really need all this, is it worth it can we escape... Can we sell this house, or clean it up to make life a little bit easier. Here are some quick tips of projects that can be less costly but are worth it when you come to that decision point. Not all of these mean redoing your entire kitchen:  

PS: A lot of these will involve Paint

  • Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all... That would be your walls. The big mirrors artificially increase square footage an easy magic trick 

  • Here comes the paint, you know those ugly tiles well you don't have to install new ones you can just paint over the ones you have down currently.....(Who would've thought of that) 
  • People always need places to park items, adding storage shelves in the bathroom or near the kitchen can make magic happen 
  • White Outlet Plates, paint them or replace them they get dirty 
  • Kitchen Cabinets Paint them or Add new handles. (Screwdriver and Paint) 
  • Garage sale that has exterior furniture, clean it up and park it in your yard. Always give potential owners new ideas 
  • The front yard you knew this was coming, go ahead and buy some colorful plants, trees, and mulch to make the best of your entrance...let's add the backyard to this mix as well. 

  • You usually don't have blinds and shutters installed during a sale so start working on the molding and paint around your windows, these can be easy DIY upgrades to your home 
  • Bathroom - Paint the faucets, paint the tub, yea paint can hide a lot of things before you sell your home. '
  • Realign all your pictures in one area to make it feel like a gallery in the living room 
  • Update lighting fixtures this can take a day but a couple of hundred bucks can go a long way
  • The electrician needs to add outlets the more the merrier this isn't the tech era for no reason.
  • Molly Maid is always around to help, give them a call a couple of hundred dollars can go a long way 
  • Put a rug to the floor, it makes everything appear bigger 
  • Just add edgers to the lawn treatment, make sure the grass looks like it has a razor-sharp cut 
  • Clutter, Hoarder Demon... Come on you haven't looked at that newspaper dated 9/12/2006 since 2006 throw it out. 

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