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Ferrari ROMA ... I can see Aston Martin's side eye

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Ferrari ROMA ... I can see Aston Martin's side-eye 

In the name of 007 what bloody hell is this... this is tyranny the Italians have made away with a British heist and design if this ain't 2020 I don't know what is. I think the Italians are stating this is payback for the naming of the DBS Superleggera, as a Superleggera ... all content motivated laughter we step back at the aforementioned Aston Martin media fans are saying, why you copy me for: 

Aston Martin Vantage Example 1 vs  Ferrari Roma Example 2: 

So if you think of a copy why not copy the best, and for me, Aston Martin is the leader in looks when it comes to the coupe. The vantage is Aston Martin's most athletic vehicle to date the car boasting all of the ambitions of the concept vision but let's stop here ... A coupe is a coupe and when we talk about front-engine coupe's there is going to be some flow down no matter how you cut it. Let's see why Ferrari has given the name Roma to the back end of the Ferrari nameplate: 

Engine: 3.9LV8 TT 
Trans: 8 Speed Dual Clutch 
HP & LB TQ: 612 HP & 560 LB TQ 
0-60: 3.4 Sec. 
Top Speed: 199 MPH 


If only the natural aspiration to the engine was still available perhaps the N/A V8 4.5L found in the 458 would do. The car has all the makings of a meaningful Ferrari one that steps down and allows for the owner to graduate from the smaller Roma to the larger more GT focused Ferrari 812 for example. The scope of the untouchable car has certainly fallen and with Lambo's, new Honda Civic the Lambo Huracan :-) it makes sense to try to compete, take business, grow the business and scale. Back to what will probably be the cheapest Ferrari and take a place alongside the previous entry Ferrari Portofino both will be priced in a similar range $220K starting to touch the unique nameplate. Once again not to harp on Aston Martin but it looks like the Portofino is the DB11 and the Roma is the Vantage the variance is quite a bit less for Aston Martin that doesn't offer the dual-clutch or its own unique engine, and I have no qualms with the V8 AMG in any car. 

Design-wise sweeping meadows accent the front end in what I think is a sleeker not as aggressive of what I will mention for the millionth the Aston Martin Vantage.  The side profile shows the perfect sized coupe, don't be fooled dimensionally it shares the underpinnings with the Portofino but is 180 inches long, the Aston 175-inches take note, Mr. Martin, that difference is perfection in my eyes. To throw a little wrench in the game the use to be unique Porshe 911 boasts a 177-inch overall length which is nearly the sweet spot.  The back where it sometimes counts more than anything has assumed a more subdued Classique appeal versus the aggressive nouveau aura of the Martin Vantage. the one perk of a 3400 LB car with a front-engine is the placement and this one boasts 50/50 for what is assured to be a sporty handling entre. In all there similar but the details in the face and the back, plus length make this a different type of entry to the Sporty GT Coupe competitors. 


Both companies have incredible interior quality though crazy innovative show show type of features don't adorn think of this as more Porshe vs C8 Corvette. The purpose is in the drive, and the interior is an addition meant to be compliant but not take away from its purpose. In this 1st look at this interior I get the feeling this will be a step up to the Aston Martin which I think missed the cohesive piece design, don't trash the current green sheet just needs some adjustments to be able to compete against the current players. 

As we move towards its release date in 2020, I can't help but get excited a new step in with Ferrari with HP and a dual-clutch to match this may be the sweet spot of the automotive market and also attainable $200K to the stars.