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TOM FORD | FALL WINTER COLLECTION 2020 - Bringing the Era's Back......

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TOM FORD | FALL-WINTER COLLECTION 2020 - Bringing the Era's back......

Tom Ford's first name drop in my mind came with the artists named Jay Z and ever since the name drop, in addition to his loyal clientele he is gained the clandestine advantage of additional support with fashion artists such as ... well, I'll stop there were about the Fashion who cares if it's good its good.  The main claim to praise in this rendition is a series of laid back elegant garments (short name for clothes), with a taste of 1970's flair.  This opulence and strategic layering left one of I can take these clothing anywhere. With some bling near the end of the show, Tom Ford chose to middle finger NYFWs show with his own assortment. Now part of the Designer Council Ford's presentation paid dividends to the LA Folklore with a release that is sure to capture the mind: