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When other car makers have to change there formula when it relates to the power outputs, engine layouts, and design structures there is one company that has held true to its design and merely updated their architecture to be able to lead the pack. The History of the 911 as the entry sports car of choice has dominated the Automotive landscape for the last 30 years. Monikers that have rug a bell are the 959, 997, and 930 to name a few. As long as there was a # 9 in front the driving experience was expected and has never disappointed for the last 70 years. The grandpa of automotive sport has returned with the #9 in the front that has the extra oomph the Moniker Turbo S added to any Porshe realizes the creme de la creme for the product line up. 


HP: 640 | LB TQ: 590 | Weight: Unknown | Engine: 3.8 TT | Trans: 8 Speed PDK

0-60: 2.7 Seconds | 1/4 Mile: 10.6 Est. Seconds | Top Speed: 205 MPH 



With the specs of above at Supercar territory, that is and including your Lambo Huracan, Audi R8, Mclaren 720S, and Ferrari Pista mobiles how can you deny the German sleeper its crown for doing the most with less. If they say what is in the inside that counts why mess up a good formula. Let's get into the stuff that you can't see that will make the 911 special how do we know the base 911 is also special and the chassis already asking for more power so just an engine swap brings it to the top but here we go into the minor details. 


A car needs the following to get going outside of the engine, good aerodynamics check the box there with the Porshe Active Suspension Management (PASM) system that has been lowered by 10mm to incorporate a more sporty drive, with that Active Aero, cooling airflaps, and a new wider track with rear axle extending 20 mm wider than its predecessor (1900 mm) , the front end has a more imposing figure with 45 mm wider than the last turbo model at (1840 mm). To add on to the functional grip as the 911 turbo S previously was a straight line monster they do the General Motors trick I mention them because I think they offer the sportiest rides in the business think Camaro ZL1 1LE, Corvette ZR1, and CTS-V is up the ante on the tire the fronts 255/35 the rears at 315/30 the variance or advantage serve that Porshe outside of the wonderful PDK is the All-Wheel Drive system which sends the power to all 4 corners, with 4 wheel steer, and the rear wing which adds 15% more downforce. This makes it more comforting to drive, confidence-inspiring and to be frank out of any track easier to get in and out. 


Porshe highlights this is an all-new engine the turbos uniquely have a variable turbine geometry and large dimensions, some of the compact measures to increase the pace at which the engine moves swapping the intake routing has paid dividends, the front air filters now situated in the rear wings. 4 Intakes with larger cross-section and lower resistance play the part in increasing the flow moniker.  In all the Horsepower upgrade is the largest in the brand's history and one that should pay dividends with fast-moving competition from Automakers such as Corvette, Jaguar F-Type, and Mercedes Benz AMG. 

Visually not much to say here it shares the same body as its predecessor with minor touches to update it to the 2020s. The distinguished rear end is the only indication that you got the new guy along with the tailpipes and rear diffuser. The interior has changes that also make this different with the higher-quality materials that are shown more. Porshe was known as Ikea-esque with its modern simplicity this new release hints at moving this GT up to another level with the digital cockpit including a 10.9 in display. In all this latest entry appears again to be the best and one should expect this as you gain knowledge from the past. Welcome in the 911 Turbo S.