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Mclaren 765LT | Ferrari couldn't be happy for to long ........

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Mclaren 765LT | Ferrari couldn't be happy for too long 


Long-Awaited, but greatly appreciated we receive the Long Tail edition of the Mclaren 720S in the form of the 765 LT. Whenever the LT moniker is added to the Mclaren brand it ups the Ante when it comes to performance. The part of sportiness, exclusivity now enter a track near you in the form of the top level supercar you can get from Mclaren outside of the Hyper yet specialized cars such as the Senna, and the P1 (I mention because still my favorite). Let's take a look at exclusivity gets you with a scheduled 700 cars to be built for 2020. 



Funny how I will start with Aerodynamics and not a multi-link suspension. Mclaren uses additions to the body to increase the airflow, rigidity and optimize performance. I'll start with the extended front splitter and an elongated active rear wing that adds unique blades and addition to a functional rear diffuser to achieve 25% more downforce than its brethren the 720S. The most beautiful thing that you can actually see as the rest of the active aero appointments underneath the car can't be seen is the Automated rear wing this serves 3 purposes: 

  • Driver Downforce (active wing partially deployed, dependent on speed) is engaged when the Aero button is pushed in the cabin, increasing downforce levels during high-speed cornering
  • DRS automatically delivers drag reduction functionality when accelerating in a straight line, up to the maximum vehicle speed
  • High-Speed Braking fully deploys the active wing in less than half-a-second, increasing rear downforce by more than 60% to improve high-speed braking stability and reduce braking distances


The nose lengthened by 1.9in the car lowered in the front, sits a bit higher in the rear to accentuate additional aerodynamic treatments (245 Fronts / 305 Rears). All of these allows for the curve ability of the  720S with the lot extra functional bits. 


HP: 755 | LB TQ: 590 | Weight: 2700 KG | Engine: 4.0 TT V8 | Trans: 7 Speed DSG

0-60: 2.7 Seconds | 1/4 Mile: 10.0 Est. Seconds | Top Speed: 205 MPH 


The weight has been reduced with changes including a titanium exhausts that gives you back 26.5 lb of savings, in addition, Carbon Fiber is all around this also benefits the engine system in all for a weight savings of 176 lb. If you thought the 720S was fast from 100 mph to 160 mph here goes the mack daddy. In this form, it enjoys the treatments  The power output is a touch extra with 755 HP and 590 LB TQ targeted with a 7 Speed Dual-Clutch Tranny. V8 TT / M840T - which has a flat-plane crankshaft / with dry-sump lubrication.  In addition to the power, Mclaren knows this will be tracked even with its exclusivity and the potential to earn money on the value for this vehicle that's where the scoops and blades come in handy to add a premium in keeping you under temperature for aggressive driving.