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Does Milan Have the Best Designers: Start with Alberta Ferretti

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Alberta Ferretti: 

There is always a battle in the fashion world what city truly has the best fashion shows. It's a tough rode with the staples in some minds being New York, Paris, and Milan. The grandfathered in the big city shows play host to the top designers from around the world "La Crem de La Creme" is there truly a winner in this battle of the fashion gods. We'll Milan has a more Ready To Wear appointment with some of top conservative designers,  we take a look at one of our favorites from the 2019-20 Collections in the mold of what we call a  Conservative Edge. Alberta Ferretti a hallmark name that continues to not only survive but strive in the fashion world, one of the most cutthroat and difficult businesses to get into with a very low success rate. She continues to hold her own and we take a look at this Conservative edge Fall/Winter look from Alberta welcome to Milan's first shot at the Big City: