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We took our 1st drive-in in a Cadillac that has big shoes to fill in the sedan market. In a place where comfort,  technology, and value play a prominent role, Cadillac has had to step back the direct attack against the Germans and move to more of a value approach though that certainly doesn't mean you lose any of its luxury. I don't want to be slapped but the truth is the come up of lower-tier Luxury names such as Genesis or the mainstream brands such as Kia's of the world has changed the outlook of strategy. Let's be honest the brand snobs or the brand snobs and no matter what you do they'll gravitate to what they know Merc, Bmw, and Audi. 

Enter in the Kia Stinger of the luxury angle, you got some other players in the world Volkswagon Arteon and the Audi S5 Coupe. So why did I mention these guys not the fact that there direct Luxury competitors because only the Audi checks that box but there size in between a small luxury sedan and midsized luxury sedan, think BMW 3 series vs BMW 5 series. So it's confusing but when you hear the pricing for the entry in the hot-rod versions of Cadillac make no mistake you understand it's value. Let's cue it's proportions than it's power so you can see where I go here:



194″ L x 74″ W x 57″ H  

Now let's go into a comparable Merc C Class Dimensions

187 L x 74 W x 57 H

What About the Merc E Class 

197″ L x  75″ W x 58″ H

So are you with me, this tweener role plays well as the competition for the CT5 with the V includes the following performance sedans 

Audi S5/Audi S6 -

BMW 440i M Sport /BMW 540i M Sport (I think the 550 is to much)  

Merc C43 AMG / Merc E43 AMG 

Genesis G70 3.3T  / G80 Sport 

Jaguar XE-R / XF 

Choices ohh choice, well back the key ingredient has been leading the pack the SPORTINESS. The chassis in this car goes back to the heralded days of the CTS-V Sport with the magni-ride showing good improvements. Direct, and precise steering are telling of what could become a V with the Supercharged V8 shoehorned in the engine bay. The basis is built on a platform that has the Macpherson dual lower ball joints with a stabilizer bar, 5 Link Independent coil springs, and what Cadillac has brought to the game Mag Ride 4.0. In optimal conditions, this will be at the top from a cornering perspective and to think this is an electric steering rack surprised me probably the best use of this hated technology for the purist.  


Interior, Interior, big upgrade I love the layout and the feel, Apple Car Play, Wireless phone charging digital display, and the cockpit feel of the interior induce a sport intention. Well-appointed leather seats and an infotainment screen that helps me not to have eat carrots for my eyes with 10.0 inch to look at. Cadillac has done well here for a 6'5 burly guy I can get in, to bad for the person behind but I'm in there. In all great attention to detail and it's a player in the game (Audi S6 is tough to beat).  

Power is not the forte of the car but changes include a 10 Speed Transmission used in the ZL1 and Twin Turbo 3.0 V6 pumping out a generous 360 HP and 405 LB TQ can be had in either RWD/AWD I would chose the RWD if you want that good ole sports car feel. If the power output is disappointing due to the V Sport Versions of the V having 420+ you have to remember the curb weight on the car is under 4,000 lb which is light for a sedan with these amenities. Let's look at where the spec's take us 

0-60: 4.8 Seconds 

1/4 Mile Times: 13.3 108 MPH 

Top Speed: 168 MPH 

Not bad and I'll tell you why even though this isn't the barn burner like the old CTS V-Sport losing .4 seconds in the 0-60 and a 1/4 mile that is not in the 12's, take a gander at the entry price $48K ... That's right folks right on the heels of what Kia has done for the Stinger Cadillac has given the CT5 V a price that gets you good enough performance with the looks and power to show that you belong with the IN-CROWD. 

Take a look at the two guys that can take you there at Ed Morse Cadillac Brandon, Fl give them a call and take a ride this model was well equipped to the with a Blacked out package running for $61K at the sticker