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We take our first loom in the flesh of the Land Rover Defender - First Edition, a special vehicle that has been long-awaited in areas where you have constraints such as no road to drive, or rocks that block the pathway to your home. From the Serengeti to the swamps of Brazil the Land Rover Defender has been the hallmark of off-road watch out Jeep Wrangler enter in your Father. 

At the start of 1948 was the first series of production for the pinnings of the Land Rover Defender design. In the 80's came the launch of the Defender Brand with two models a 2 door (Land Rover 90) vs 4 door (Land Rover 110). The most serious appointment for these Sahara killing 4 wheelers where the Permanent 4 Wheel Drive, with a lockable differential two of the bases that tell you you're meant for off-road fun. Though some may think that the land rover was strictly an off-road master the Land Rover company also marketed it as a family vehicle, one that could take you away from Mad Max but still a family vehicle this Defender had a County around it to separate itself.  Through all the changes to make itself better and the premier off-road solution reliability was the biggest bug, but things turn around in 1985 when they extended there engine offerings to compete against its main rivals Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Patrol.  In 1990 the official name was changed to Land Rover Defender instead of the 90 and 110 number nomenclature. The new engines allowed for Land Rover to compete in many aspects and 67 years later, as it was shut down for some time it returns with the SUV craze at its peak why not update for your main markets of Australia, Middle East, Africa, UK, and Europe. 


The L663 is born one that can be sold to all territories. The new stylish release of the Defender is a strong departure from the rugged military looks of Land Rovers from yonder. Let's take a look at the bullet points of change that help the Defender become reimagined: 

  • New Configurable Terrain Response, Twin-Speed Transfer Box, Locking Center Differential, Active Rear and Locking Differential allow drivers to optimize the Defender for use on various terrains (7)
  • The new Defender debuts the new ‘PIVI Pro’ (12) infotainment system featuring an intuitive interface, while Software-Over-The-Air updates allows customers to access to the latest software updates remotely
  • Intuitive 10-inch touchscreen with standard Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility delivers enhanced user experience and broader range of functions (1)
  • A maximum payload of up to 1,984-lbs (900kg), static roof load of up to 661-lbs (300kg), dynamic roof load of 370-lbs (168kg), towing capacity of 8,201-lbs and wading depth of up to 35.4-in (900mm) combine to make the new Defender the ultimate 4x4 for overland adventures
  • The Land Rover brand’s pioneering Terrain Response® 2 technology is enhanced with standard Wade Sensing (13) feature, while world-first off-road Configurable Terrain Response allows the driver to tailor off-road character more precisely (7)


Engine Choices include the following: 

Design-wise as a departure from looks but not functionality the land rovers short overhangs tell of its ambitious nature for off-roading a big wheel well to the rear of the truck also tell you that some of the hallmarks never change.  Four accessory packs let you choose your occasion Heavy Duty Off-Roading through Mars or some light touches of winter in Quebec, Ontario.   

  • Explorer Pack: The Explorer Pack is ideal for off-road adventures, equipped with a lightweight 57-lbs Expedition Roof Rack(3) , Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier, Wheel Arch Protection and a Spare Wheel Cover. A Matte Black hood decal, featuring ‘90’ or ‘110’ cut-out detailing, completes the Explorer Pack’s head-turning appearance
  • Adventure Pack: Ideal for time spent outdoors, the Adventure Pack features a Portable Rinse System with a 1.7 gallon (6.5-liter) pressurized water reservoir, trunk-mounted Integrated Air Compressor and Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier. A practical 6.3 gallon Seat Backpack, which you can take with you when you leave the vehicle, completes the interior
  • Country Pack: Designed for time spent off the beaten track, the Country Pack features rugged Wheel Arch Protection, Bright Rear Scuff Plate, Portable Rinse System, and Full Height Loadspace Partition
  • Urban Pack: To stand out in the concrete jungle, the Urban Pack adds a Bright Rear Scuff Plate, Spare Wheel 


The hallmark to all of is the affordability for the top of the line First Edition the bill will set you back $68K for such a capable vehicle, the First Edition isn't the top of the heap there is an extreme version X that starts at $80K. In all this is the greatest land rover defender and it should be because of its new that doesn't always mean the engineers will get it right in this case they have, welcome to your Pandemic getaway vehicle.