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It's about time, that was my first statement after seeing the release of the AMG GT Black Series, the car that use to have a gullwing door (SLS Black Series) in its last iteration and is an Icon for the Benz corporation which most fetching more than the owner paid for if you were to try and buy it now.  The Black series nameplate has only bestowed on a few models for Mercedes see the list here:


So as everyone thought Mercedes was sleeping with the 4.0L TT V8 and not unleashing its full power such as the lack of power that I think the AMG GTR version has we now enter the Kracken and the Horsepower numbers for a track-focused car will have the Hellcat's Supercharged 6.2 running:

 4.0 Bi Turbo V8 | 7 Speed DCT 

720 HP | 590 LB FT | RWD 

0-60: 3.1 Seconds | Top Speed: 202 MPH 


Make no qualms about it Mercedes is not playing around with this car. A sure collectible we make the Porshe GT2RS, as well as the Ferrari Pista, Mclaren 765LT have to look over the shoulder. Let's get the details 


Flat Bottom Steering Wheel Check, Traction Control Control can totally be shut off Check, Light Carbon Fiber Body with Cup 2 Michelin Wheels - Check again. Let me circle back to the body a wider track with a carbon fiber sway bar, with a manually adjustable camber for the front and rear axles to help you switch the life of the vehicle when you hit a real race track. Double Wishbone in forged aluminum, with a coil-over suspension that can be put in 3 separate modes Comfort/Sport/Sport Plus the latter meant for the track. The fun doesn't stop there the spoiler can be manually adjusted depending on race conditions, but they add in some active aero so the computer love can help you twist through the bends. Along the same lines, this all came about by benchmarking the AMG GT race cars, where even the splitter gets the manually adjustment treatment we are looking at an under 7:00 second through the green hell (Nurburing).  



So the heart and soul of the AMG line up is usually the engine, and this car doesn't fall short with a brand new engine that differentiates from the standard GTR with a larger compressor that pumps up the PSI to 24.6 the normal GTR is 19.6 PSI. The Torque is identifiable way down low at 2000 RPM with 590 LB TQ the redline also increases to 7,200. Specialized intercoolers further the receipt of success when going hard, specially in a Flat Pane Crank. Tongue and sheet mechanicals get you the end result of 0-124 mph in under 9 seconds, and the 3.1 0-60 I bet the downforce keeps the tires loaded to the ground ala the efficiency of the 720S. In all when this collectible is finally released, it will be interesting to see the numbers as there are a lot of supercars in trouble including the Huracan Perfomante, GT2RS, and 765LT. It's a war I tell you ..... and Benz could be winning.