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S-CLASS 2021 | The Future hints Electric 

The power of a large executive sedan, it coincides with Kim Jon Ung, Saudi Princes, and Queen Elizabeth as the long and short of this conversation. Yes, there are Rolls Royces, and Bentley's that come into the discussion as the first choice of the 1/2 Percenters but the next tier the one that we see more often and is often attainable here comes the leader the New Benz S-Class. That sounded like a commercial Mercedes pay me, now let's get into the changes well start with the outside.  Over 70 years of S-Class has brought us to this point. 

Design Execution

My first emotional interpretation of the new S-Class was this is a downgrade a step-down....We'll Mercedes just changed the colors and added the AMG Line, then things changed especially in the silver that really change the lines. The front end is familiar, almost as if Mercedes has done a facelift the standard grille, from the side is where the car shines, the evolution of the design which is longer and wider, really shows the presence in the photos which tells me in person this will be a Maybach worthy S-Class which is a bit more on the conservative side, with the sporty intentions left slightly behind. If we move to the back things a get a bit more interesting in certain colors I see CLA, or CLS than in a matter of a matte color change I see more of the current and now out of future service S-Class Coupe. In all, it will take some getting used to but the perfect proportion silhouette continues to engage. For this Continent mark, this gets a 6 out of 7, I think Antarctica may not like this :-). 


Before and After: 


The Insides: 

It makes sense to change but was this a bit to Tesla they may say. Gone are the dual-pane infotainment sets that line the top of the screen here comes the new age control it all by hand, and watch it like a TV momentum which is why Mercedes has changed the internal design language. I am biased even though the previous generation certainly more WOW appeal when entering I like this more simplistic tasteful like the Analog Watch look from Mercedes. The material appointments have been upgraded to make this more of an art piece vs an art piece in a video arcade room. Some of the treasured moments include the continuous flow of the dashboard material from the center console through the back console where your rear seat cup holders lie. The ambient lighting has improved to be more AI (Artificial Intelligent) or should I say all AI as it is integrated into the new MBUX system which is the hallmark of the latest S-Class. 200 lightbulbs per sq. m., the ambiance lighting is ten times brighter than before, and some of the controlled comfort systems that make this a special experience depending not the occasion that you decide to be in. 



Thank Lord the 4.0 TT V8 hasn't gone away matter fact lets just put out the release of what we expect to see. For AMG models there are talks and I hope it's not future but there will only be one available model in the top-spec and it will be a Hybrid. If Benz can keep the weight down I am all for it however if it does have the weight ala the Porshe Panamera Hybrid problem has been found and don't release just to heavy to be any fun and that's just the journalistic side of me. 


The heart and soul of the Mercedes is the MBUX system this is the change that made you need a 77-inch diagonal screen to handle all of the interior changes plus smart driver controls. The rear system is also engaged with the front for total control from one central control module. Smart systems include raising the vehicle for accident protection, rear-axle steering (smart brain tells the S-Class when you need it), Automated Parking, and 5 integrated screens that site in the rear and front that can be managed from the center this system is special and one that is groundbreaking for the S-Class design evolution. 

In all hot release one that needs the color to show its true changes, the interior speaks maturity but some may be bothered in all this is a level up, and folks with the previous Gen S-Class please wait for the release in person before you say like I would say ...MY MODEL LOOKS BETTER .... it's subjective but no it doesn't.