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LUCID AIR: Is there any point of buying a Hyper Car - with this 1,000+ HP Beast

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LUCID AIR: Is there any point of buying a Hyper Car

I guess I get it 0-60 cannot be the only segment of reality for what some people call the ultimate hypercar driving machine, but in reality, the main thing I see from vehicles such as the Koenigsegg Regera, and Bugatti Chiron are the fact they go really fast, I mean light year fast quickly. Despite my hate for vehicles with no sound, I was surprised by the sportiness and effectiveness of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, a car that I thought would be nothing special and boring but turned out to be a legit M3 competitor. 

Where can the Lucid take us well from a carmaker that is focusing on the Luxury and range vs performance for gearheads like myself I couldn't help but start with the power, the whole Thanos Rings worth of power. 


1080 HP | 0-60 2.5 Seconds | 1/4 Mile 9.9 Seconds | 168 MPH Top Speed 

Ok let me come back again and add on some of the pinnacles for performance and I won't do the Veyron I'll start with the Chiron 

BUGATTI CHIRON - $2.3 Million Dollars 

1500 HP  | 1180 lb tq | 0-60 2.3 Seconds | 1/4 Mile 9.11 Seconds | 261 MPH Top Speed


If there is truth to numbers than the above says a lot, and maybe I am aiming too high and .8 seconds is a lifetime but that's pretty impressive being $2.2 Million dollars less. Now more or less to think this is the end of the story is an accurate statement as the hallmark of the performance happens to be its longevity. 

Everyone's fear of electric cars or at least anyone outside of California is where I am gonna charge, how long is it going to take, and how many miles will it get me. The first and second I can't answer yet but Lucid is focusing on the Electrifying America network as its provider modifying its battery charge connector to make it work. Let's talk the third option how many miles will it get me and probably the most impressive part of this EV which leads us back to the battery. 

517 Miles of Range .... FEV verified

Yep, you saw that correctly that is the maximum range you can find on some of the Lucid models talk about driving pains that go away. One thing I remember vividly on the Tesla ride was making sure I was close to a charge station and vehemently looking at the screen making sure I was close to those stations especially the supercharged stations. With that fear eliminated how the hell did they make this happen that facts of engineering are proven true with this concept:

900V architecture paired with the air motor, transmission, and inverter creates the possibility for greatness and this achieves the miles that make this car the most attractive model for 2021.  Essentially in summary more compact using a 113kwh lightweight battery and at the same time the fastest charging range with up 20 Miles Per minute. 

Inside's that count:

The problem that most of the EV's have is their air on the ring of great Green spaces that eliminate some of the real leather, quilted pads massagers that you find in vehicles such as the S-Class. Well, the S-Class has now met its latest competitor with the green effect inclusions are the panoramic roof the multi-surface seats special cloth design for the front, and a batch of faux leather for the rear seats. In all the car is meant to be a comfortable luxury cruiser that happens to get you to 60 in 2.5 seconds if you so choose. 

In conclusion, there will be smaller Kwh drivetrains that give 75% the performance at 65% the price released, and those are the probable entries for those people with mid-range dollars. Even with the recession strong from my economic perspective with EV's getting cheaper and the range getting longer expect a boom of Gasoline to EV sales in the next 5 years which will be a huge boom to the economy from a manufacturing perspective. Enjoy the Air as this looks like a GEM and Tesla Model S Killer.